Fusion Art and Nature in Ceramic Restorations

Many books have been written about ceramic dental restorations, but there is still room for natural vision and for the fusion of art and science. The key to all creativity in restorative dentistry is the natural view, both in the characterization and reconstruction of the surface and the functional anatomy of the teeth. The author, together with an international team of experienced practitioners, has combined his artistic sense and keen observation of nature to create a synthesis of current restorative dentistry, including mimetic, minimal adhesive dentistry, optimal use of new ceramics, and functional integration.

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Volume 1. Fundamentals
Chapter 01. In Search of the Lost Smile
Chapter 02. How to become an Artist in Dentistry
Chapter 03. Face and Asymmetry
Chapter 04. Form and Function
Chapter 05. From Light to Color
Chapter 06. Biological Integration
Chapter 07. Mimetics and Bionics
Chapter 08. Wear and Aging
Chapter 09. The Heart of Ceramic

Volume 2. Clinic and Laboratory
Chapter 10. Art And Technique 1: Conventional Ceramics

  • Part 1. Stained layering technique
  • Part 2. White teeth fully stained

Chapter 11. Art and Technique: Lithium Disilicate Ceramics

  • Part 1. Expertise for ceramic surface textures
  • Part 2. Lithium disilicate pressed ceramic – criteria for the choice of ingot

Chapter 12. Luting the Ceramic
Chapter 13. The Enamel a Sacred Tissue
Chapter 14. Chips and Laminate Veneers
Chapter 15. Ceramic Resin-Bonded Bridges: Single Anterior Missing Tooth
Chapter 16. Metal Ceramic Resin-Bonded Bridges: A Minimally Invasive Concept
Chapter 17. The Crowns
Chapter 18. Full Rehabilitations and Increasing the VDO

With contributions from:
Camelia Alb • Jean-Pierre Attal • Alain Brabant • Ivan Chakalov • Jean-Marc Chevallier • Didier Crescenzo • Helene Crescenzo  • Luca Dalloca • Diana Dudea • Dimitar Filtchev • Kamel Gana • Roberto Iafrate • Jean-Marc Kubler • Gilles Laborde • Helene Lafargue • Jean-Francois Lasserre • Stephane Le Goff • Jean-Philippe Pia • Bruno Quintard • Gil Tirlet

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