QDT 2024 (Quintessence of Dental Technology)

QDT 2024 truly lives up to its name as the quintessence of all things dental technology. The 16 articles in this year’s volume demonstrate absolute excellence in clinical and laboratory protocols with stunning visuals and clear narratives. Featuring contributions from some of the best restorative teams out there, QDT 2024 showcases complex cases and focuses on how digital technologies can help to simplify treatment. Step-by-step documentation is presented so readers can understand the intricate procedures, and the pivotal role of proper diagnosis and documentation—the cornerstone of successful dental treatment—is emphasized throughout.

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  • Full-Arch Implant-Supported Zirconia Bridge: Digital Tools for Planning, Guided Surgery, and Prosthetics
  • Digital and Interdisciplinary Adhesive Conservative Rehabilitation Based on Esthetic and Occlusal Integration: A Case Report
  • Virtual Treatment Planning in Digital Dental Technology
  • Full-Mouth Rehabilitation: A Digital Workflow and Microscopic Approach
  • Digital Patient Concept for Ideal Occlusal Plane Orientation in Full-Mouth Rehabilitation
  • Multidisciplinary Diastema Closure: Benefits and Limitations of the Mock-up Technique
  • Balancing Digital and Manual Procedures to Restore Severe Atrophy in the Esthetic Zone
  • Digital Technology: A Tool for the Treatment of Implant Reintervention
  • Full-Arch Rehabilitation with Zirconia Implants and Monolithic Zirconia Prosthesis: A Case Report
  • Replacement of Failing Restorations in the Esthetic Zone: Solutions to Clinical and Laboratory Challenges
  • Triple D: Dentofacial Digital Diagnostic
  • 3D Printing of Lithium Disilicate Ceramics: Fact, Fiction, or Future?
  • Choosing the Right Treatment Plan to Meet the Patient’s Expectations
  • Biorestorative Modification of White Spot Lesions in Anterior Teeth
  • Clinical Documentation Made Easy with the Intra.diffuser Kit
  • Matchmaker: Microlayering and the Best of Different Worlds

Authors include:
Sam Alawie • Germán Albertini • Anas Aloum • Rita Alves • Anthony Atlan • Jose M. Ayub • Harold S. Baumgarten • Diego Bechelli • Michael Bergler • Markus B. Blatz • Anabell Bologna • Asselin Bonichon • Aníbal Capusotto • João Caramês • Sara Casado • Axel Charriere • Krzysztof Chmielewski • Maja Chmielewska • Florin Cofar • Julian Conejo • Benjamin Cortasse • Alexandru Cucu • Mihai Dorobantu • Daniel Edelhoff • Mirela Feraru • Carsten Fischer • Catherine M. Flaitz • Howard P. Fraiman • Helena Francisco • Gustavo Giordani • Mickael Griet • Sean Han • Szabi Hant • Wael Isleem • Dagmara Karczewska-Purzycka • Rafael Laplana • Michel Magne • Pascal Magne • Duarte Marques • Francesco Mintrone • Julien Mourlaas • Nazariy Mykhaylyuk • Ion Nicolescu • Vlad Nita • Ciprian Panaite • John M. Powers • Franco Pozzi • Ateicos Quintavalla • Maria Radu • Jorge Ravelo • Mehrdad Razaghy • Tony Rotondo • Wesam Salha • Ricardo Schäfer • Oliver Schubert • Josef Schweiger • Artur Simões • Nico Squicciarini • Venceslav Stakov • Lara Stangacilovic • Roxana Stuparu • Douglas A. Terry • Eric Van Dooren • Paolo Venturini

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