Management of Endodontic Complications

Endodontic treatment generally has high success and survival rates, but like any discipline, complications can occur at any time—during diagnosis and treatment planning, access preparation, cleaning and shaping, obturation and restoration, as well as nonsurgical or surgical treatment. Ideally, the best way to manage potential errors is to have strategies in place to prevent them and eliminate risks, but equally importantly, clinicians must be able to diagnose and manage errors when they do occur. Based on decades of experience performing root canal treatment, these endodontic leaders explain their systematic approach for gathering pertinent medical and dental information, performing necessary tests, and analyzing the information to make informed decisions. This book guides readers through common errors and risk factors, recommendations for preventing mishaps, and methods to manage these challenges so clinicians can ultimately achieve results that provide long-term comfort, function, and esthetics for the patient. From diagnosis to prognosis, this book has you covered at any stage of endodontic treatment.

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Chapter 01. Complications During Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
Chapter 02. Radiographic Mishaps
Chapter 03. Management of Challenges and Mishaps Associated with the Treatment of Teeth with Necrotic Pulps, Open Apices, and Apical Periodontitis
Chapter 04. Errors During Access Preperation
Chapter 05. Cleaning and Shaping
Chapter 06. Errors During Obturation of the Root Canal System
Chapter 07. Complications During Restoration of Endodontically Treated Teeth
Chapter 08. Mishaps During Nonsurgical Endodontic Retreatment
Chapter 09. Errors During Surgical Endodontics
Chapter 10. Errors During Patient Recall and Outcomes Assessment

Kenneth Abramovitch • Anita Aminoshariae • Daniel J. Boehne • Yujie Huang • Kiumars Nazari Moghadam • Zahed Mohammadi • Masoud Pariokh • Christine I. Peters • Ove A. Peters • Joseph A. Petrino • Mohsen Ramazani • Seyed Aliakbar (Ali) Vahdati • Shane N. White


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