Innovations in Preventive Dentistry

Prevention is better than healing ... or treatment. Thus, preventive dentistry is a cross-sectional challenge for all fields in dentistry, and one that has already achieved great success, as shown by the caries decline in many countries. The walls between prevention and treatment have recently fallen in caries and periodontal disease, as well as in orthodontics, where guidance of function and space maintenance are a combination of prevention and treatment.

This book discusses new developments and innovations in preventive dentistry, from primary “real” prevention to secondary prevention by inactivating initial lesions, and on to tertiary prevention to avoid subsequent progression and
complications of manifest oral disease. This evidence base is then translated into clinical dental practice.

The book addresses everyone interested or involved in dentistry, including students, the whole dental practice team, educators, health scientists, and policy makers, who want to gain insight into these up-to-date clinical practices and future developments. It intends to make an impact on teaching and all fields of clinical dentistry – not by giving cookbook recipes, but by pointing out the rationale behind the changes in our routines.

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Chapter 01. Understanding caries
Chapter 02. Understanding periodontitis
Chapter 03. Fluoride: How much is needed?
Chapter 04. Nutrition and caries: Sugar is the enemy, but what solutions are offered by preventive dentistry?
Chapter 05. Healthy life, healthy mouth? Interdisciplinary and common risk factor interventions
Chapter 06. Oral hygiene: The best route to a healthy mouth?
Chapter 07. Interdental oral hygiene: To floss, or not to floss?
Chapter 08. Tooth brushing: Myth and science
Chapter 09. Guidance for healthy dental and oral behavior: Multilevel prevention of early childhood caries
Chapter 10. Fissure sealing: Still to be recommended?
Chapter 11. Prebiotics, probiotics, and synbiotics: A revolution in preventive dentistry?
Chapter 12. Silver fluorides: The new magic bullet?
Chapter 13. Self-assembling peptides: A perfectly engineered preventive and therapeutic tool?
Chapter 14. Nonrestorative cavity control: Can nonoperative “preventive” treatment replace restorations?
Chapter 15. Prevention and prophylaxis in orthodontics: Neglected opportunities for successful prevention
Chapter 16. Prevention in elderly and medically compromised patients
Chapter 17. Caries risk or activity: Which should we assess?


Mohamed H. Abudrya • Mohammad Alkilzy • Irene Dige • Henrik Dommisch • Denise Duijster • Kim R. Ekstrand • Elena Figuero • Margherita Fontana • Carlos González-Cabezas • Daniela Hoedke • Nicola Innes • Karl-Friedrich Krey • Line Staun Larsen • Vita Mačiulskienė • Jukka H. Meurman • Said Mourad • Branca Heloisa Oliveira • Anja Ratzmann • Ruth M. Santamaría • Ana Paula P. Santos • Julian Schmoeckel • Falk Schwendicke • Murali Srinivasan • Nadezhda Stancheva • Livia M. A. Tenuta • Svante Twetman • Cor van Loveren • J. H. (Erik) Vermaire • Egija Zaura • Stefan Zimmer

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