Glossary of Preventive Dentistry and Periodontology

Available Spring 2013
This electronic glossary, compiled by an international panel of experts in prevention and periodontology, contains more than 2,000 terms, providing a comprehensive standardized reference for professionals in these fields of study and practice. The glossary offers straightforward definitions and pertinent scientific and clinical information about terms in the areas of anatomy and morphology, etiology, pathogenesis/immunology, peri-implant diseases, classification, epidemiology, prevention, diagnosis, radiology, nonsurgical therapy, surgery, reevaluation/maintenance, systemic manifestations/periodontal medicine, and clinical research/statistics. The glossary also features numerous photographs, illustrations, and tables to further elucidate the meanings of the entries. An exceptional resource for researchers, students, clinicians, instructors, and all others needing to communicate in the clinical and scientific language of prevention and periodontology.
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