Introduction to Metal-Ceramic Technology

Contents Chapter 01. History and Overview Chapter 02. The Chemistry of Dental Porcelain Chapter 03. Casting Alloys for Bonding to Dental Porcelain Chapter 04. The Essentials of Metal-Ceramic Substructure Design Chapter 05. The Fundamentals of Spruing, Investing, and Casting Chapter 06. How Does Dental Porcelain Bond to Metal? Chapter 07. Preparation of the Metal Substructures for Porcelain Chapter 08. Applying Porcelain to the Metal Substructure Chapter 09. Adjusting and Finishing the Metal-Ceramic Restoration Chapter 10. The Porcelain-Margin Restoration


For 25 years, the Introduction to Metal-Ceramic Technology has been an essential textbook, and this revised edition underscores its import to the discipline. The author expertly outlines the history and theory behind metal-ceramic restorations and then guides readers through each step of the fabrication process. Although many students do not realize the esthetic possibilities of metal-ceramic technology, this book illustrates how to achieve esthetic results to rival those of all-ceramic materials through treatment planning, clinical procedures, and dental laboratory steps executed at their highest levels. New to this edition are an expanded illustrated glossary, a simplified four-step buttonless technique, fresh analysis of bonding mechanisms, and a full chapter on the esthetic porcelain-margin restoration. Whether you are providing patients with esthetic fixed prosthodontics or are responsible for fabricating lifelike restorations in the dental laboratory, this book can serve as a valuable resource. Also, for those who wish to use the buttonless casting technique as described in the textbook, check out the Wax Pattern Alloy Converter App. This easy to use, well-designed app is available through Apple.

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Naylor, W. Patrick
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