The Bicon Short Implant A Thirty-Year Perspective

Morgan, Vincent J. (Ed.)

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This book is a succinct and accessible compilation of over 30 years of knowledge concerning the Bicon system. It offers not only a history of dental implants and the science of osseointegration but also a vast collection of clinical examples that demonstrate Bicon's capabilities. Bicon implants provide versatile, reliable treatment for a wide variety of clinical situations; they can successfully be placed in atrophic jaws, in sites that would require extensive bone grafting with longer implants, in tissue that has been compromised by medical conditions, and even in adolescent jaws that are still developing. With its proven track record of success, the Bicon system provides treatment opportunities for the benefit of clinicians, technicians, and patients by offering simple, predictable, and effective techniques. With everything from historical and theoretical origins to detailed step-by-step surgical and restorative guides, this book is a must-read for anyone interested in implantology.

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The Bicon Short Implant A Thirty-Year Perspective

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Contents 1. The History of Dental Implants 2. Overview of the Bicon System 3. Characteristics of Implant-Abutment Prosthetic Systems: A Paradigm Shift 4. Biologic Response to Dental Implants 5. Engineering Aspects of Bicon Implants 6. The Influence of the Implant-Abutment Interface on Peri-implant Health 7. The Survival of Short Implants 8. Treatment Planning and Basic Procedures 9. Anterior Implant Placement 10. Implant Placement in Adolescents 11. Restorative Techniques 12. Sinus Lift Techniques 13. Ridge Splitting and the Split-Thickness Flap 14. Atrophic Maxillary Ridges 15. Atrophic Mandibular Ridges 16. Factors Affecting Bone Levels and Restorations of Short Implants 17. Implant Placement in Compromised Tissue 18. Bone Voids 19. Bone Regeneration: Materials and Techniques 20. Conclusion

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Precio € 192,00
issn No
Año de publicación 2017
Autor Morgan, Vincent J. (Ed.)
Nº de páginas 336
Nº de ilustraciones 1800
Formato de encuadernación Tapa dura con estuche
ISBN 978-0-86715-728-4
Idioma Inglés

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