1. Shortcuts in esthetic dentistry

    Shortcuts in esthetic dentistry

    € 240,00 (IVA incluido)

    This clinically driven text focuses on the difficulties of esthetic restorative dentistry with the aim of revealing simple and practical solutions to common questions and problems. Each chapter is organized into a series of questions the reader may have; these questions are then answered in detail using scientific evidence and case presentations. The author presents streamlined procedures step by step and provides numerous tips on how to implement the concepts described. Restoration strategies include guidance on recontouring, stratification schemes, layering techniques, characterization, occlusal concepts, and more. Accessible and minimalist in its approach, this simple yet thorough book demystifies contemporary esthetic dentistry and outlines basic and effective solutions for clinical practice. Clinicians will find themselves referring back to this text long after the first perusal for quick, accesible answers and solutions to some of esthetic dentistry's most common problems. Saber más
  2. EndoProsthodontics Guidelines for Clinical Practice

    EndoProsthodontics Guidelines for Clinical Practice

    € 98,00 (IVA incluido)

    Written by an international group of renowned experts in the field of reconstruction of pulpless teeth, this is a very practical book explaining in detail, step by step, the general principles of correct decision-making in endodontics, reconstructions and aesthetics of root canal treated teeth. How to avoid fractures? Should we carry out retreatment, or use implants? Should we restore pulpless teeth with direct or indirect restorations? How we can bleach discolourations after teeth have been endo-treated? How can aesthetics be improved in compromised cases? Should we use fibre posts? How can sub-gingival defects be treated? Can we opt for porcelain veneers or ceramic crowns? The aim of the book is to answer these questions and help practising dentists make the right decisions, which often require making difficult choices. Each of the 10 chapters include detailed photographs of clinical cases, descriptions of technical procedures, and practical tips for dental practitioners. Saber más
  3. QDT 2017 (Quintessence of Dental Technology)

    QDT 2017 (Quintessence of Dental Technology)

    € 148,00 (IVA incluido)

    QDT 2017 celebrates its 40th anniversary in style with beautifully presented original articles on new materials and techniques for achieving the utmost esthetic restorative results. This year’s focus is on challenging esthetic cases, treatment planning for various restorative options, new techniques using zirconia, and taking CAD/CAM beyond its limits. The State of the Art article presents the RAW digital workflow, and the Biomaterials Update features the Adhesive Restorative Complex concept. QDT’s new Masterclass article addresses the challenge of restoring a single central incisor. And the Masterpiece article this issue, presented by Naoki Hayashi, is a visual display of dental artistry. Saber más
  4. Tooth Preparations Science & Art

    Tooth Preparations Science & Art

    € 98,00 (IVA incluido)

    Tooth Preparations: Science & Art by Prof. Clovis Pagani and co-authors is a fully illustrated guide on tooth preparations, a fundamental part of daily dental practice. It contains essential theory and sound practice, including more than 700 high-quality 3D images. The most current concepts on tooth preparations for indirect restorations are covered, with a focus on biological care, preservation in operative procedure, and precision. The book is divided into eight chapters, covering topics such as restorative planning; state-of-the-art principles, sequences, and tools for preparations; intra- and extracoronal restorations; compromised teeth; adhesive milled restorations; minimally invasive preparations; and preparations for CAD/CAM restorations. This book provides a clear and objective outline of different conservative preparation designs indicated for a variety of clinical situations and is an indispensable addition to the collection of all restorative dentists. Saber más
  5. Vertical and Horizontal Ridge Augmentation. New Perspectives

    Vertical and Horizontal Ridge Augmentation. New Perspectives

    € 218,00 (IVA incluido)

    This exciting new book expertly describes key features of vertical and horizontal ridge augmentation. The user-friendly format is underscored by the unique "Lessons Learned" sections, which reflect on most of the cases described, making suggestions about what could have been done differently to achieve even better results. These sections contribute to making this book a useful and honest account of the clinical practice of ridge augmentation with GBR. Saber más
  6. Magnetic mallet in bone remodeling

    Magnetic mallet in bone remodeling

    € 80,00 (IVA incluido)

    This book introduces the use of the Magnetic Mallet, an alternative to a manual surgical hammer, in a wide range of oral surgery applications, including tooth extraction, bone condensing and expansion, and sinus elevation This electromagnetic instrument provides more precise control of the osteotome, simple handling, shorter duration of surgical procedures, and improved patient comfort. Saber más
  7. Restoring with Flowables

    Restoring with Flowables

    € 148,00 (IVA incluido)

    This book showcases the many applications of next-generation flowable composites and presents each of them in step-by-step fashion. With the adhesive design concept and the injectable resin composite technique, these flowable composites can expand dental treatment options, improve precision and predictability, and reduce chair time. Saber más
  8. Modern Esthetic Dentistry. An A to Z Guided Workflow

    Modern Esthetic Dentistry. An A to Z Guided Workflow

    € 170,00 (IVA incluido)

    The present volume is a complete guide or blueprint explaining the newest and most advanced therapeutic dental strategies. The text is accompanied by more than 1,300 photographic images of the highest quality, and meanwhile the text itself focuses on explaining the necessary steps to obtain predictable and stable results in a schematic and synthesized manner. Saber más
  9. Clinical Photography in Dentistry. A New Perspective

    Clinical Photography in Dentistry. A New Perspective

    € 106,00 (IVA incluido)

    The primary aim of this seminal book is to make the case that digital photography is an essential instrument for evidence and interaction in dental practice. Saber más
  10. Noncarious Cervical Lesions and Cervical Dentin Hypersensitivity Etiology, Diagnosis, and Treatment

    Noncarious Cervical Lesions and Cervical Dentin Hypersensitivity Etiology, Diagnosis, and Treatment

    € 155,00 (IVA incluido)

    Cervical dentin hypersensitivity (CDH) and noncarious cervical lesions (NCCLs) are common findings in modern clinical practice. Although research has shown that NCCLs are a multifactorial condition involving the three mechanisms of stress, biocorrosion, and friction, few dentists know how to treat them effectively. Saber más

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